Amity Clemence, Business & Life coach for mumpreneurs.

Amity Clemence, mum and entrepreneur in the field of Web-Marketing, shares her knowledge of personal and professional development, and her skills in Digital Marketing to allow you to unleash your full potential online!


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Coaching calls mean I can work with you anywhere in the world. Calls last approximately an hour. We can do a one-off call to touch on something that is particularly bothering you or a series of calls for appropriate follow-up.

On a free discovery call, we establish together what your goals are and why you are not reaching them.We will put in place tools to help you overcome the obstacles that stand in your way and you will gain in ease and confidence in your daily life.

Our 5-session package offers in-depth work with regular follow-up.




In her well-managed coaching practices, Amity Clemence reveals the secret of positive thinking... 


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  Speaking to the mothers who want to balance their professional life with their family life, Amity Clemence...


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 Making Appointments

Want to make an appointment to join our coaching session for Moms entrepreneurs! Do not hesitate to contact us...


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Golden Book

Discover the guestbook enclosing testimonials from moms looking for work / life balance, using the services of Amity Clemence, coach for Professional and Personal development for Moms entrepreneurs.




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The first appointment is FREE! I will define how to upstream your needs and what I can bring to you.