Professional coaching for mom entrepreneurs

Amity Clemence, mumpreneur in the field of Web-Marketing, shares her knowledge of personal and professional development, and her skills in Digital Marketing to allow you to unleash your full potential online!


For more information on my services or to schedule an appointment, do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page.


AMITY CLEMENCE, coach of mampreneurs.

Addressing the Moms, AMITY CLEMENCE, mamentrepreneure in the field of Web-Marketing, shares her experience of personal and professional fulfillment, and her skills in Online Marketing to allow you to utilize all your potential on the Web!


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Pricing (Valid until 31/08/2017 )

Monthly subscription:

  • Happiness coaching: 27 USD

  • Mumpreneur coaching: 47 USD


Video Coaching

  • Coaching session visio (1h minimum) : 50 USD

  • Package 5 sessions : 200 USD


Mindset & Marketing Coaching  

  • 1/2 day: 150 USD

  • Day: 250 USD


Premium coaching (price / pers)

  • 1 Person        550 USD

  • 2 Persons      420 USD

  • 3 Persons      370 USD


In her well-managed coaching practices, Amity Clemence reveals the secrets to positive thinking... 


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  Speaking to the Mothers who want to easily and gracefully balance their professional life with their family life, Amity Clemence...


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 Making Appointments

Want to make an appointment to join our coaching session for Moms entrepreneurs! Do not hesitate to contact us...


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Mumpreneur coach working worldwide, Amity Clemence offers a variety of online servcies...


Golden Book

Discover the guestbook enclosing testimonials from moms looking for work / life balance, using the services of Amity Clemence, coach for Professional and Personal development for Moms entrepreneurs.


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The first appointment is FREE! I will define how to upstream your needs and what I can bring you..

With a holistic approach to wellbeing, it seems only natural that I invite you to join me in a 30 day detox after this summer's wild times.
In order to help mums starting up their businesses online, Amity Clemence has launched the VIP SEO training days.
I am so excited to announce I have moved into a new office, in an amazing incubator for digital startups.